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Forskolin slimming tablets are already a classic on the market of slimming supplements. Access to the market for several years now is a true triumph. And all this thanks to positive opinions among Internet users.

The Indian nettle (otherwise: coleus forskohlia, burial, sage, cousin) is a plant growing in South-East Asia with exceptional therapeutic properties. For centuries, the extract from this nettle (guggul) has been used in Ancient Asian medicine in the treatment of urinary, respiratory and circulatory system diseases. In the 1980s, scientists extracted another substance from the plant, forskolin, which, after a number of clinical trials, was widely used in the fight against obesity.

Forskoline naturally accelerates fat burning by the body. All this is because it increases the production of the AC enzyme (adenyl cyclase) produced in the body of every human being. This enzyme stimulates the secretion of other enzymes, whose task is to regulate the growth of muscle mass and control the fat decomposition processes. AC converts adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) into a cAMP regulator, involved in fat breakdown in cells. CAMP accelerates the transportation of fat cells to muscle tissues, where they are converted into energy.

By stimulating the body to produce more cAMP, Forskolin contributes to a more effective protein synthesis and thus to faster muscle mass gain at the expense of fatty matter.

The Forskolin tablets also release fatty acids from tissues, facilitating their use for energy production. This allows the body to draw more energy into its own fat cells, and by decomposing them, it makes us lose weight.

The first centre to undertake modern research into the properties of the Indian nettle was the Central Institute for Medicines Research in India. In 1974 he conducted tests which confirmed the effect of diterpene compounds, known today, contained in the Indian nettle extract. The most important of these was the one responsible for most of the medicinal properties of the extract, including the acceleration of fat burning process, called forskoline, in honour of the Finnish botanist Peter Forcal.

A new study on the effectiveness of the forskoline was carried out in 2005 at the Kansas University (USA) Institute of Health, where a group of 30 people were tested. The high effectiveness of Forskolin in the weight loss process was confirmed at that time.

Between 1981 and 2010, a total of approximately 15 thousand people were employed. cAMP tests, which have confirmed the enzyme's effect on cellular processes, including fat burning tests.

I am a mother of two wonderful children. Unfortunately, after the birth of my younger daughter I put in weight about 15 kg, which I couldn't drop for 3 years. The gym, diet and slimming pills did not help. He helped Forskolin. After just two weeks of treatment I noticed the first differences. I had lost 3 kg, but I thought it was only water. After 2 months I was 17 kg slimmer! Not only did I come back to my previous weight, but I lost even more weight. And without any strict diet.

Marzena z P?ock (39 years old)

I was looking for a slimming supplement for myself, which I could take and would not damage my muscle mass (I train at the gym). Unfortunately, most supplements burn not fat but muscles, which makes them unsuitable for men. Forskolin was great. I lost 7 cm in the waist and the muscles didn't even fall out. I recommend to everyone, not only to women.

Kamil z Siedlec (29 years old)

It is known that after 30 years you lose weight much slower than when you are young, so after I finally decided to take on the look for a "helper", because I didn't even delude myself that the diet alone would help. I chose Forskolin because he had a lot of positive opinions on the Internet and I didn't fail. I have been taking him for 6 weeks. After this time, I have to say that it is actually working. Even though I don't believe it so far, I've fallen from 44 to 40! And that's a month and a half! I lost a lot of weight from my stomach, although I didn't limit myself in eating too much. Forskolin was really a revelation, I am very glad that I came across him.

Koszalin Lidia (42 years old)

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